Reliance JIOFI wifi router Review vs 4g phone


More Information About JIOFI JIO WI-FI Router
Most of the people who are purchasing LYF smartphones for the sake of reliance JIO 4G SIM seem to opt for the entry level Flame 3 as well 4 devices, as their chief intention is to purchase the most affordable possible device through which they can make use of Wi-Fi hotspots in order to beam to the primary device. But, there would be the better way for doing so, and this is where reliance JIOFI JIO wifi router review comes in handy.
Reliance JIOFI JIO wifi Hub: It comes with a JIO 4G SIM. But, you need to get through the entire documentation so as to get the SIM. The device boasts of a 2300mAh battery along with a USB cable and charger.
How to install Reliance JIOFI wifi router:
First, the device needs to be switched on for the purpose of creating a Wi-Fi signal on its own. Remember that you have to make use of the password, which is printed below the device where the battery is available for logging into this network through any device and enjoy browsing. After logging into the account, open jiofi.local.html/ through your browser to change the password by getting log in to the admin panel. This may be suggested for security purpose and even for the common fact that you will otherwise be struggling with the password to remember. In case you are making use of JIOFI to store files with the help of a micro-SD card, you can be managed by utilizing the same console.
The purpose of buying JIOFI device is to get tapped into high-speed internet connection. So, speed is considered to be the most crucial thing here. While testing the router primarily on different types of mobile systems, the results were really excellent, which it clocks about 30Mbps download speed at most of the Indian locations. However, you may get a slight variation according to signal coverage of your area.
With a decent 2300 mAh battery, the device allows you to get an active usage all through the day. Furthermore, it gets charged up in an hour. The Device has a LED indicator for giving you the idea about the battery levels.
Final verdict:
Those who are looking out for reliance JIO 4G services to get the high speed net connection can pick JIOFI router as the most practical device at this moment. Most people have agreed that JIO seems to be faster than what other competitors have offered.



obliviously reliance JIO Wifi delivers data at high speed because it designed for high speed wifi network 4g phone have multifunctions.

Reliance JIO Recharge Online


How to recharge your reliance JIO mobile through online
If you are looking out for JIO recharge process online, then keep it in mind that there are the just limited number of websites exists to do the task. Let’s take a quick glance over many different ways available to get reliance JIO recharge online.
Mobikwik: India’s fastest recharge provider who can help you pay your mobile postpaid, prepaid and utility bills. As the service is reliable and approved by RBI, you can complete the task within minutes safely.
⦁ First check out the latest promo code from MobikWIK
⦁ Pick the promo code best suitable for you
⦁ Logon to the app and type your JIO number
⦁ Then, enter your chosen promo code for getting free cash back offer
⦁ Again, you can make use of your cash back amount for recharging your reliance JIO
Paytm: It’s really a smart option to do any mobile recharge online. The main reason why need to choose Paytm for recharging reliance Jio is savings. In addition to doing postpaid, prepaid and DTH recharge, you will also get additional cash back in case of applying promo code.
Freecharge: Within few click, you can do any online recharge transaction through Freecharge in a unique way. Just like Mobikwik and Paytm, the recharge process here is also same. All you need is Freecharge promo code in order to make the things done, meaning you will able to avail free cash back for your next recharge.
MyJio app: Usually, it is a type of core app used for JIO recharges. If you are a user of JIO mobile, then you have this app already installed on your mobile phone. Through this official JIO app, you can get online recharge transaction as fast as possible. Furthermore, you will get an opportunity to pick up your preferred tariff plan. The most important benefit of using this app is, you can have full control on your account.
In addition, you can check out your mobile balance, data usage, Talktime value, transaction dates, recharge history etc. These are found to very useful information exclusively accessible with the help of this app. Even, you could recharge for another JIO number, receive prior support from customer care team and check daily weekly or monthly statements. Moreover, you can also recharge and maintain your Netconnect subscription plan as it will help you keep your internet active on JIOfi hotspot device.
By using any of aforementioned ways, you can recharge your JIO mobile easily and safely.

JIO Recharge Available After December 31st, 2016. checkout JIO Tariff Plan rates.

Reliance JIO 4G Plans All over India


Everything You Need To Know About Tariff Plans Of Reliance JIO
The data plans of JIO will force our country’s top network operators to rethink of their tariff. Mukesh Ambani’s JIO Plans is going to increase the demand for Reliance Jio connections. Listed below are tariff plans of JIO, which you can go through and get benefit from them.
Base plan: Rs. 149 of validity 28 days
Consumers will get:
⦁ Free unlimited STD/local voice calls
⦁ Free 100 STD/local SMS
⦁ Free subscription of JIO app for Rs.1250
⦁ Accessing 300MB of 4G data
If users tend to get this plan, then they end up paying more than Rs.500 for just 1GB of 4G data.
Through the pack Rs.499, users will get the following benefits such as:
⦁ Unlimited local and STD Voice calls for free of cost
⦁ Likewise, free unlimited local and STD SMS
⦁ In this pack also, you will get Free JIO app Subscription
⦁ 4 GB 4G data in addition to unlimited 4G data at the night
⦁ Access to JIOnet Wi-Fi hotspot of about 8GB
With this plan, you can get 1GB 4G data for Rs.124.75.
Rs.999 pack is Jio’s next plan as it comes with:
⦁ You will get 10GB 4G data together with unlimited 4G data at night time
⦁ Free and unlimited local/STD SMS and Voice calls
⦁ Free subscription of JIO app
⦁ Get access to 20GB Wi-Fi hotspot
In fact, this plan will lower the date rate of 1GB 4G to Rs.99.9
Next to Rs.999 pack is Rs. 1,499 pack. Let’s take a glance on given below benefits:
⦁ Free unlimited voice calls
⦁ Free unlimited SMS
⦁ Free JIO app Subscription
⦁ You can get Data pack of 20GB 4G with unlimited 4G data for accessing during night time
⦁ Get access to 40GB Wi-Fi hotspot
With the help of this pack, you will get 1GB data for around Rs.75
The plan for Rs.2499 comes with:
⦁ In addition to free unlimited voice calls, SMS and JIO app subscription, get access to 70GB Wi-Fi hotspot
⦁ 35GB data pack in the company of Unlimited 4G data at night
With this tariff plan, 1GB data will cost you about Rs.71.4
Through Rs.3999 pack, Reliance JIO offers
⦁ Get access to 120GB Wi-Fi hotspot
⦁ 60GB data pack along with 4G unlimited data, which can be accessed freely during night
⦁ Here too comes free unlimited SMS, voice calls, and Jio app subscription.
The last but not least offer is Rs.4999. The benefits are as follows:
⦁ This is somewhat similar to its previous plan, but the hotspot access is 150 GB and data pack, you have obtained is 75GB.
For both the pack, 1GB data will cost you Rs.66.65


Note: JIO 4g IS a Satellite network so same tariff rates applicate for all states in India.

How to Use JIO SIM in datacard


How To Use JIO SIM In 3g Phones Dongle Any Phone
In case that you are struggling with the use of Reliance Jio SIM on 3G mobiles, then this article will help you a lot. As reliance JIO is simply a 4G service, you should get hold of a 4G supported Smartphone in order to us it. But, there is no need to disappoint, if you have 3G mobile. Instead follow this guide.
Necessities for working reliance JIO SIM on your 3G phone:
⦁ At first, you need to get a free JIO sim
⦁ Next, your current phone should run Mediatek or Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. About 99% of smartphones loaded with any of above-mentioned chipsets. Thus, you are required to identify your mobile’s chipset by using below technique.
Finding the chipset on your android mobile:
⦁ First of all, locate the activated reliance JIO sim in your 3G mobile phone.
⦁ Then download CPU-Z app through Google Play store
⦁ Once the installation gets finished, open it and get almost all the hardware details of your device in addition to your chipset model
⦁ Finally, follow the listed below steps according to the chipset, which your phone belongs to.
Using JIO on 3G mobile for Qualcomm chipsets:
⦁ As an initial process, download “shortcut master” app from the Google play store
⦁ After installing the app, open it and choose option of “engineering mode” or “service menu” from the main menu
⦁ Then, again opt for the option of “system app”, if available on your mobile model
⦁ At last, it becomes necessary for you to change the LTE bands here.
⦁ In case you could not get “system app”, then simply dial up #2263# – go to Menu – tap “back” option.
⦁ Again go to “menu” option, but this time, choose option “key input” and then type “0000” as value data
⦁ After entering the data value, popup screen will appear where you have to choose the option “UE Settlings” from popup menu
⦁ Then choose “setting-protocol-NAS-Network control-band selection-LTE band”
⦁ Now, Choose the Band 40 out of the given LTE bands
⦁ You can now check out the signal and in turn, reboot your 3G phone as it will start working fine now
Using reliance JIO sim for MediaTek chipsets:
From Google play store, download MTK Engineering Mode app. Install it and dial your phone’s specific engineering mode to open the engineering code, since it changes from mobile to mobile. Open “service mode” in MTk settings. Then, configure to “preferred network option”. Choose the network mode option from the settings as 45 LTE-WCGMA-GSM. Finally, restart your mobile device to enjoy the smooth working of JIO 4G Sim on your 3G mobile.


JIO SIM Will not work any 3g Datacard but works in any 4G Dongle like Airtel 4G and other etc. 

You can buy Jiofi wifi router at 1999 Rupees with 2300 mah battery.

or you can buy any cheap 4g Phone starts from 4000 LYF flame. use it as hotspot and making calls free.

Also, check Reliance 4g SIM in 3g Phone.

How To Get JIO SIM Free 3 Months unlimited Offer


How To Get Your Reliance JIO SIM
Reliance has now launched its MNP services and so, everyone can port to Reliance jio easily. As you know that reliance JIO sim is nowadays accessible on most LTE devices, the service is going to spread widely all over the country. To enjoy this service, you have to go through the given below steps that explain to you How to get JIO SIM online.
Requirements to enjoy JIO service:
In order to get pleasure from reliance JIO service, you are required to first fulfill the listed below requirements.
⦁ At first, it’s essential to hold off The LTE 4G mobile belonging to India. You have to check out compatibility of your device as JIO sim would not work on 3G mobiles.
⦁ Next, you have to find out whether your area has excellent network coverage or not
⦁ At last, make sure that you have valid ID’s such as pan card, Adhaar card, driving license or Voter Id etc for using in the verification process.
How to get JIO SIM online:
⦁ First, download MyJio app through Google Play store, because a unique code generated by this app will be helpful for you to get JIO sim.
⦁ Open the app and click on the option “Get Jio Sim
⦁ Now, you will get “Jio Welcome Offer” that seems to be corresponding till December 31, 2016.
⦁ Choose your location and assure the service availability in your area
⦁ Next, type the mobile number, which you have currently and get a “one-time password
⦁ Get your barcode by accepting almost all the terms and conditions. The barcode gets saved in your mobile gallery automatically.
⦁ Take all the essential documents including ID proof, barcode printout together with Two photos to your nearby Reliance Digital Express. Don’t forget to take your LTE 4G mobile along with you as they verify your mobile’s IMEI previous to providing you the reliance JIO sim card.
⦁ You will now get your JIO sim card for completely free from the JIO center
⦁ Wait for some more days to receive an SMS. Usually, people would get SMS within two working days.
⦁ After receiving SMS, you need to dial upon 1977 with the intention to activate your JIO sim over IVR. For your verification, you need to answer each and every question.
⦁ Finally, insert your JIO sim so as to enjoy free unlimited voice calls and 4G internet for 3 months.

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JIO SIM Activation Process.

How to use Reliance JIO SIM in 3G Mobile


Simple Tricks To Use Reliance Jio Sim In Your Mobile Device
Now, jio sim is one of the trendiest topics among people. Many people already have got jio sim for make use of its excellent welcome offers. Some useful methods are available to use the jio sim in your Smartphone effective. Use the jio sim has been increased among people due to its excellent offers and facilities. When you complete an activation process, you want to just make use of it.

The method of using the sim is also varying depending on the type of the mobile device. Apart from that, the method is also varying depending on the way of using. The simple tricks are helpful for people those who like to use jio sim in their mobile device with ease. Most of the people are looking the best methods to use the sim. It is one of the best opportunities for people enjoy the facilities of the sim without any hassle. The following tricks will helpful for those who like to use the jio sim. If you like to use jio 4g sim in 3g network, the below-mentioned instructions will be helpful for you rightly.
The subscriber wants to open engineering mode of the device first.
⦁ You want to download the MTK engineering mode app if you don’t have this app in your mobile device.
⦁ You want to just install the app after downloading the app
⦁ Want to open the app and then click MTK settings and you want to select the preferred network option rightly
⦁ After clicking network option you just see the list of networks there have to select 4G WCDMA or GSM or LTE and then have to reboot the device
⦁ You want to enter the jio sim in slot one and then leave the slot two sim empty.


2nd way very Simple:

dial *#*#4636#*#*  and click on phone information Select LTE/GSM Only instead of WCDMA Preferred.

jio-4g-sim-in-3g-phone-enable jio-sim-on-3g-step-2 jio-4g-sim-card-in-3g-step-3

4g switcher app and  Xoware 4g/3g/2g switcher and other etc.
These are the simple steps helps people can easily enjoy 3g network. It is the way to enjoy jio 4g in 3g network. When you follow these all steps then you feel free to use the sim with ease. Most of the people like to use this method to use such sim. When you follow these simple steps then you feel convenient and easier to use the sim. This is the one stop solution for people those who looking the best way to use jio sim in the 3g network.


Reliance jio SIM only LTE 4G Network only unlike Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and other etc.

We can use it in 3g Phones by enabling 4g network in chip level Only works in Mediatek, Qualcomm chipsets.

also, check How to generate Reliance JIO Code in 3g Phone.



JIO SIM Activation Process in 3g 4G Phones


Instructions For Activation Your Jio Sim For Effective Use
Did you have the Jio sim and don’t know how to activate it. The following information will be helpful for you. Many people already activated their jio sim and they get starts to use the sim and then get a lot of benefits easily. People those who looking the best way to activate their jio sim; they want to understand the following steps that help to make an activation process are easier and simpler for you. If you have any problem in activating the jio sim, you want to just look the details through online. This is the best way to understand the method of activation. An activation process includes a step by step process and makes access the steps easily.
Activation process:
When the billing process is done online, then people get a receipt on mentioned mail immediately. Apart from that, people can also get in the form of SMS. After completion of all the formalities, you will get a message which includes you to tele-verify your details. The process of activating the jio sim is simple and makes use of it. Most of the people prefer to use the best method to activate jio sim. Apart from that, the user wants to keep their photos and Aadhar card for activating the jio sim. Of course, these are the most important documents helps to make the activation process as hassle free. However, people want to provide valid and active email id at the time of buying jio sim, because all the important details are send to that mail. If you give a phone number, then the details are sent to the phone in the form of SMS. Moreover, activation process is also done through online, so you don’t travel distance for activating the sim.
⦁ If you got the jio sim card, then you will get email id.
⦁ You want to visit the website of the jio store for verification.
⦁ When you follow these steps given in the email for activating your jio sim
⦁ The receipt of bill will also be mailed to address given at the time of buying jio sim.
⦁ Now, everything is completed, you want to just verify ownership.
If you have any doubt about the process of activating jio sim, you want to contact the customer care. They will help you and provide a perfect solution for you problem.


JIO SIM Activation Issues No signal problem.

Insert only JIO SIM in 1st Slot 2nd slot should be empty. also network should be 4G Only. in case of 4g Only Not Available Select Auto Mode 4g/3g/2g.

You will get Signal on 4g Phone.

If you are using 3G Phone you have download 4g Switcher App or MTK Engineering mode or dial *#*#4636#*#*.

then Phone information you will see Run Ping test and Below WCDMA Preferred. Then change it to 4g/GSM Auto PRL.

and Restart the Phone.

Mediatek and Qualcomm chipsets only works on 3g mobiles. Mobiles like Micromax canvas spark 3 chipset equipped with Spreadtrum may not works.

if choose 4g then it automatically set to WCDMA Preferred.



NO Tele-verification required for with E-KYC Aadhaar Biometric Authentication Using Thumbprint.

JIO SIM Offer code Generation in 3G & 4G Phones


Simple Way To Generate Jio SIM Offer Code
Now, it is good news of having Smartphone that is highly eligible to get the 4G SIM card with some kind of preview offer. Having Smartphone is not only enough so people want to have something special in that phone for multiple purposes. Are you having Smartphone? You are eligible to get 4G Jio SIM. It is the best choice for many to enjoy the network and get a lot of benefits. You need to generate the invite offer or code that has to be produced from the particular store. Generating code is really the best way to get the SIM easily without any hassle. If you like to get that Jio 4G SIM, first you want to generate the code effectively. Some simple ways are available to generate the code easily. These simple ways are the help to make the process of generating invite code is easier as well as safer for you. An easy solution for that is buying using the version of the MyJio application. When you have the phone that is eligible to get such SIM card.
First you want to download the version of MyJio app
⦁ After completion of the downloading process you want to install the app and opening it for the first time.
⦁ You want to restart your phone after have installed this app on your mobile device.
⦁ Open the app and then click on the open. It opens the login screen and you did see the get jio sim button
⦁ Now click on the get jio sim button
⦁ The page will show the preview offer screen and you start to generate offer or activation code easily.
These are the simple method helps you to generate offer code easily. Apart from that, there are many methods are available, but you want to use the simplest as well as the best method for generating the code easily. When you sign into the MyJio app and you allow enjoying an exclusive Jio preview offers rightly. Once the sim gets activated effectively, you will receive a message the verification of the Jio sim. In addition, the way of activating code is highly simple and easier to those who accessing this method. If your verification is successful, immediately you will receive the message in the form of preview offer has been activated on the sim card. Therefore, this is the right method to activate welcome offer of the jio sim easily.


Generating JIO Preview welcome Offer on 3g Phone

  • Download the old version jio app which is available from other websites. 3.2.5.
  • install all the Apps (installing some of them not works you have to install all the Apps).
  • Once you installed GO to Settings>> Apps>>JIO>>Clear My Jio App data >> Restart>>
  • Turn off data Open jio App then open my jio first App. you will see GOT JIO SIM (Turn on data Immediately if you late there upgrade popup will appear and will not go until the upgrade.) click on that Enter your Location it will generate Offer code and automatically save into your gallery.
  • you can find it by file browse. or you can make a screenshot by pressing power + Volume Down button at a time.
  • Alternatively, you can note down the offer code.


Generating JIO Welcome offer code on Any 4G Phones

Simple download the Myjio app then open it enter your location jio Offer code will be generated. if not install jio4g Voice and jio chat then try again.

Jio Customer care


Get Required And Essential Information Through Customer Care
Jio is one of the fastest growing networks that dedicated to provide high quality, seamless digital experience and affordable network for all users. Apart from that, it also provides useful application, sports, live, catch-up television, events, and programs to the subscribers, movies, music and other libraries. It has been launched to provide the digital ecosystem with cutting edge technology like high-speed internet connection, digital related services, broadband services and mobile telephony to every user in the world. Apart from that, it also offers some kind of facilities for those who using jio SIM effectively.

If you have jio sim, you want to access the customer care services for more details. If you are a new subscriber to the jio sim, you want to look customer care services of the sim for services. First, you want to get the customer care number, and then try to call the customer care. They always ready to help to at any time, so make use of the services effectively. There are many reasons why you want to look the customer care. The first most reason is to activate the sim and then get ready to use exclusive offers of the sim effectively.
Jio user those who are having trouble with jio sim card, they want to look the jio sim customer support for solving all the problems. Through online, you can find a complete list of customer care number, helpline number, support number and much more. You want to just note these numbers and then try to call. Apart from that, you can also allow contacting the customer care through email. It has provided jio helpline number to help customers those who using jio sim. If you don’t know to escalate your complaints to the customer care, just make a single call to the customer care. Through this, you can share all the details. They are also available to provide all the necessary information for every customer. The subscriber wants to use 24 hours jio customer care support and contact for information. Apart from that, they also ready to answer your questions related to jio sim and its related things. Jio has a number of customer care service numbers with different departments. The subscriber simply contacts the customer care and gets their required information easily. Therefore, get more information about the jio sim when you make the call to the customer care.

jio customer care Numbers


198 for complaints 199 for general information from jio mobiles. from other mobiles, you can dial 1800-88-99999 .

JIO Experts call center phone number: 1860-89-33333


JIO Activation Numbers:

To activate Data Only dial 1800-890-1977 from any mobile then enter your jio number.

To Activate both Voice & Data dial 1977 from your reliance jio number. with EKYC Aadhaar Number details NO Tele-verification needed.

What is JIO Customer ID?

jio customer ID is your Phone number.