How to Use JIO SIM in datacard


How To Use JIO SIM In 3g Phones Dongle Any Phone
In case that you are struggling with the use of Reliance Jio SIM on 3G mobiles, then this article will help you a lot. As reliance JIO is simply a 4G service, you should get hold of a 4G supported Smartphone in order to us it. But, there is no need to disappoint, if you have 3G mobile. Instead follow this guide.
Necessities for working reliance JIO SIM on your 3G phone:
⦁ At first, you need to get a free JIO sim
⦁ Next, your current phone should run Mediatek or Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. About 99% of smartphones loaded with any of above-mentioned chipsets. Thus, you are required to identify your mobile’s chipset by using below technique.
Finding the chipset on your android mobile:
⦁ First of all, locate the activated reliance JIO sim in your 3G mobile phone.
⦁ Then download CPU-Z app through Google Play store
⦁ Once the installation gets finished, open it and get almost all the hardware details of your device in addition to your chipset model
⦁ Finally, follow the listed below steps according to the chipset, which your phone belongs to.
Using JIO on 3G mobile for Qualcomm chipsets:
⦁ As an initial process, download “shortcut master” app from the Google play store
⦁ After installing the app, open it and choose option of “engineering mode” or “service menu” from the main menu
⦁ Then, again opt for the option of “system app”, if available on your mobile model
⦁ At last, it becomes necessary for you to change the LTE bands here.
⦁ In case you could not get “system app”, then simply dial up #2263# – go to Menu – tap “back” option.
⦁ Again go to “menu” option, but this time, choose option “key input” and then type “0000” as value data
⦁ After entering the data value, popup screen will appear where you have to choose the option “UE Settlings” from popup menu
⦁ Then choose “setting-protocol-NAS-Network control-band selection-LTE band”
⦁ Now, Choose the Band 40 out of the given LTE bands
⦁ You can now check out the signal and in turn, reboot your 3G phone as it will start working fine now
Using reliance JIO sim for MediaTek chipsets:
From Google play store, download MTK Engineering Mode app. Install it and dial your phone’s specific engineering mode to open the engineering code, since it changes from mobile to mobile. Open “service mode” in MTk settings. Then, configure to “preferred network option”. Choose the network mode option from the settings as 45 LTE-WCGMA-GSM. Finally, restart your mobile device to enjoy the smooth working of JIO 4G Sim on your 3G mobile.


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