JIO SIM Offer code Generation in 3G & 4G Phones


Simple Way To Generate Jio SIM Offer Code
Now, it is good news of having Smartphone that is highly eligible to get the 4G SIM card with some kind of preview offer. Having Smartphone is not only enough so people want to have something special in that phone for multiple purposes. Are you having Smartphone? You are eligible to get 4G Jio SIM. It is the best choice for many to enjoy the network and get a lot of benefits. You need to generate the invite offer or code that has to be produced from the particular store. Generating code is really the best way to get the SIM easily without any hassle. If you like to get that Jio 4G SIM, first you want to generate the code effectively. Some simple ways are available to generate the code easily. These simple ways are the help to make the process of generating invite code is easier as well as safer for you. An easy solution for that is buying using the version of the MyJio application. When you have the phone that is eligible to get such SIM card.
First you want to download the version of MyJio app
⦁ After completion of the downloading process you want to install the app and opening it for the first time.
⦁ You want to restart your phone after have installed this app on your mobile device.
⦁ Open the app and then click on the open. It opens the login screen and you did see the get jio sim button
⦁ Now click on the get jio sim button
⦁ The page will show the preview offer screen and you start to generate offer or activation code easily.
These are the simple method helps you to generate offer code easily. Apart from that, there are many methods are available, but you want to use the simplest as well as the best method for generating the code easily. When you sign into the MyJio app and you allow enjoying an exclusive Jio preview offers rightly. Once the sim gets activated effectively, you will receive a message the verification of the Jio sim. In addition, the way of activating code is highly simple and easier to those who accessing this method. If your verification is successful, immediately you will receive the message in the form of preview offer has been activated on the sim card. Therefore, this is the right method to activate welcome offer of the jio sim easily.


Generating JIO Preview welcome Offer on 3g Phone

  • Download the old version jio app which is available from other websites. 3.2.5.
  • install all the Apps (installing some of them not works you have to install all the Apps).
  • Once you installed GO to Settings>> Apps>>JIO>>Clear My Jio App data >> Restart>>
  • Turn off data Open jio App then open my jio first App. you will see GOT JIO SIM (Turn on data Immediately if you late there upgrade popup will appear and will not go until the upgrade.) click on that Enter your Location it will generate Offer code and automatically save into your gallery.
  • you can find it by file browse. or you can make a screenshot by pressing power + Volume Down button at a time.
  • Alternatively, you can note down the offer code.


Generating JIO Welcome offer code on Any 4G Phones

Simple download the Myjio app then open it enter your location jio Offer code will be generated. if not install jio4g Voice and jio chat then try again.