Reliance JIOFI wifi router Review vs 4g phone


More Information About JIOFI JIO WI-FI Router
Most of the people who are purchasing LYF smartphones for the sake of reliance JIO 4G SIM seem to opt for the entry level Flame 3 as well 4 devices, as their chief intention is to purchase the most affordable possible device through which they can make use of Wi-Fi hotspots in order to beam to the primary device. But, there would be the better way for doing so, and this is where reliance JIOFI JIO wifi router review comes in handy.
Reliance JIOFI JIO wifi Hub: It comes with a JIO 4G SIM. But, you need to get through the entire documentation so as to get the SIM. The device boasts of a 2300mAh battery along with a USB cable and charger.
How to install Reliance JIOFI wifi router:
First, the device needs to be switched on for the purpose of creating a Wi-Fi signal on its own. Remember that you have to make use of the password, which is printed below the device where the battery is available for logging into this network through any device and enjoy browsing. After logging into the account, open jiofi.local.html/ through your browser to change the password by getting log in to the admin panel. This may be suggested for security purpose and even for the common fact that you will otherwise be struggling with the password to remember. In case you are making use of JIOFI to store files with the help of a micro-SD card, you can be managed by utilizing the same console.
The purpose of buying JIOFI device is to get tapped into high-speed internet connection. So, speed is considered to be the most crucial thing here. While testing the router primarily on different types of mobile systems, the results were really excellent, which it clocks about 30Mbps download speed at most of the Indian locations. However, you may get a slight variation according to signal coverage of your area.
With a decent 2300 mAh battery, the device allows you to get an active usage all through the day. Furthermore, it gets charged up in an hour. The Device has a LED indicator for giving you the idea about the battery levels.
Final verdict:
Those who are looking out for reliance JIO 4G services to get the high speed net connection can pick JIOFI router as the most practical device at this moment. Most people have agreed that JIO seems to be faster than what other competitors have offered.



obliviously reliance JIO Wifi delivers data at high speed because it designed for high speed wifi network 4g phone have multifunctions.